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Power In The Darkness TRB TWO

USA Import version plus two bonus tracks: Up Against The Wall, Grey Cortina, Too Good To Be True, Ain't Gonna Take It, Long Hot Summer, The Winter Of '79, The Man You Never Saw, Better Decide Which Side You're On, You Gotta Survive, Power In The Darkness, Don't Take No For An Answer, Martin, Glad To Be Gay (1978), Right On Sister, 2-4-6-8 Motorway, I Shall Be Released, I'm Alright Jack, Waiting For My Man, Power In The Darkness (2004 remix).

First released: 1978
Produced by Chris Thomas
Engineered by Bill Price

Tom Robinson (bass, vocs)
Danny Kustow (gtr, b.vocs)
Dolphin Taylor (drs, b.vocs)
Mark Ambler (keys)

TRB TWO (17 tracks + bonus content):
All Right All Night, Why Should I Mind, Black Angel, Let My People Be, Blue Murder, Bully For You, Crossing Over The Road, Sorry Mr Harris, Law and Order, Days Of Rage, Hold Out, Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, Getting Tighter, 2-4-6-8 Motorway (1977 demo), Elgin Avenue, Number One: Protection, We Didn't Know What Was Going On, Suits Me, Suits You.

First released: 1979
Produced & engineered
by Todd Rundgren

Tom Robinson (bass, vocs)
Danny Kustow (gtr, b.vocs)
Ian Parker (keys, vocs)
Preston Heyman (drs)

also featured on bonus tracks:
Mark Ambler (keys)
Steve Creese (drs)
Charlie Morgan (drs)
Dolphin Taylor (drs, b.vocs)
Nick Plytas (keys)



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